2014 Roundup: Home Renovations & Updates

JPEG_20150105_132744_182503881Over the next 2 weeks, we’re recapping our 2014 (and our second full blog year!) with some roundups of our most popular categories!

Home updates were in full swing in 2014 at Crystal’s nest! Over at Annie’s, a few major renovation projects were completed, making way for even bigger renovations to come in 2015. Here are our Home Renovations and Updates posts from 2014:

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Have an accomplished week.

Brooks Running Shoes on Under the Oaks: Have an accomplished week.

The best decision I’ve made in this running journey… except, of course, the decision to start running!

 I apologize for the late posting today but Jason and I have been crazy busy this weekend getting the floor and all 4 sides installed on our shed! There is still a lot to do and we probably won’t see another unseasonably warm weekend again but we are feeling pretty accomplished.

But the main reason I’m feeling accomplished this week is that I am officially halfway through my 5k training! The program is a meant to be 8 weeks total but I’m giving myself a few extra weeks since the 5k I plan to run isn’t until April. Tomorrow is the start of my week 6. In this post a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was beginning and that I’d post more when I had an update. I’m not sure I’m ready to post much regarding it because I want to be sure I’m focusing on accomplishing this goal for me and for the right reasons. Running has already taught me so much and I’m excited to share all of that at some point but I want to get a little bit closer.

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Annie’s Renovation Realities


912 Circa 2008

I can’t remember if I mentioned it on here before or not but Jason and I were planning to head to Chicago for July 4th with my sister and her husband but the plans fell through so we won’t be going after all. Sad, yes, but we looked at that weekend as a chance to do some much needed things around the house. This past weekend we talked a lot about what the next steps of our home renovation will be. Since we’ve paid off a few credit cards, we feel that a few smaller projects around the house are doable and we’re so ready to see some changes. I’ve mentioned that we’re renovating our home a few times (here and here) but have never shared the full scope of how grand this task is. Let me share some of our story.

This conversation that was just had between Jason and I pretty much sums it up:

Me: How many houses would you say we looked at before we picked this one?
Jason: 8,462… or maybe 40.

In other words, too many. Some of the houses we looked at were “too done” (i.e. the most we had to do was paint and landscape) and some of the houses were not livable (i.e. foreclosures without so much as a toilet). Finally, in August 2008, we found this house and it was our happy medium. It was bank-owned and no one had lived in it for a few months but it was all hardwoods except the kitchen and bathrooms and was livable! It had fantastic bones. After moving in, Jason took out all the bushes in the front yard (shown above) and some in the backyard and sold the awful carport. We primed all the walls and painted the kitchen cabinets, bought new appliances, and installed new ceiling fans in the living room and bedrooms.

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