Have a beachy week.

Under the Oaks blog : Have a beachy week.

Greetings from Oak Island! This weekend my better half and I added an extra day to our already extended weekend and sprinted off to the beach, Oak Island NC to be exact. I’d love to tell you all about it, but you’ll have to wait until Thursday for my Oak Island Must-Do list. Right now I’m too busy soaking it all in. Don’t miss Thursday’s post!

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Have a lucky week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have a lucky week.

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! I did a little St. Patrick’s Day celebrating early last night with friends and am excited to make my first St. Patrick’s Day dinner of bangers and mash tomorrow! I’ve made it once before but didn’t use real Irish bangers. Trader Joe’s is super awesome and carries all your favorites for a traditional Irish meal for this great holiday so I had to pick some up!

You certainly don’t have to be Irish to take part in St. Patrick’s Day but it’s really fantastic when you are, in fact, Irish like I am! My grandmother, pictured with me above circa 1988, partied hard on St. Patrick’s Day. It was certainly her favorite. She decorated as much as Christmas, received tons of cards, bouquets, and had a big meal of corned beef and cabbage every year. The Irish music flowed as much as the Irish whiskey did for some (she never drink except for a wee bit of Irish coffee on this holiday). In grade school, we always had an Irish musician come in and play all the great songs like Whiskey in the Jar, Finnegan’s Wake, and Wild Rover. He’d play the Irish drum or bodhran, which has always been my favorite instrument. It was such a fun time each year and still is when you get of drinking age! But I always try to remember my heritage and how strong of a hold it has on me, mostly because of my grandma.

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Have a jolly week.

Under the Oaks : Have a jolly week.

Happy Sunday before Christmas, friends!

This week I had a co-worker say something to me that was oh so simple, yet profoundly enlightening. I had been admitting to not being as productive as I could have been during the last couple of days before holiday break. I’d talked about taking a few extra minutes during lunch to chat with co-workers, participated in numerous office shenanigans that resulted in lots of laughter, and I got to participate in a Christmas-themed flash mob in downtown Raleigh! As I sighed with fond memory, my co-worker looked me dead in the eye and said,

“Crystal, it sounds like you’ve been incredibly productive this week. Sounds like you did a lot of good for your soul, and isn’t that the most important thing?”

So, this week, I pass this message on to you. Enjoy your loved ones, consume a few extra cookies, watch far too many Christmas movies [if there ever was such a thing], and consider keeping your tree up for a few more days. Feed your soul until it is full, and don’t you dare apologize for it. It is after all, the most important thing.

Have a profoundly jolly week, all! hohoho ‘n lols, crystal