Health(ier) Valentine’s Sweets

Under the Oaks : Health(ier) Valentines Sweets(clockwise from top left: sugar free cookie dough chocolates, rolled sugar cookies, berry lemonade gummies, chocolate dipped cherry meringues)

With Valentine’s day a mere week and a day away, I’ve been craving anything sweet! I’m itching to fill my mixing bowl with yummy goodness and watch the ingredients collide into something that will make mouths water. As per usual I’ve been prowling Pinterest for something sweet, delicious, and as sugar free and healthy as possible. And as per usual, I found some great options that I can’t wait to try out (co-workers and friends, ready your bellies for some deliciousness). Continue reading

Running for my life…

Under the Oaks blog: Running for my life...a few of my favorite things :: brooks trance  // 5K Runner app for iPhone

After posting my accomplishment of passing the halfway point of my 5k training, we found out we were pregnant the very next day. That was the day I stopped running. I know I shouldn’t have and the doctor told me I was completely fine to continue, in fact, it was encouraged. But I was so worried about my heart rate and bouncing around and anything else that could affect the baby. I also found great joy in pushing my limits and I’m just not satisfied if I don’t feel like I’ve pushed hard enough. So the running was over, at least for the first trimester. I planned to resume less intense workouts, walking, elliptical, small weights, after we hit the OK mark. Now, 2 weeks into recovering from miscarriage, I’m running and I’m running easier and better than I ever thought. Faster and further might be another story but I’m really happy with the progress I’m making after only one week back. I feel even more empowered than I did after reaching the halfway point because I know now that it gets easier.

But something’s different about this time around.

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A Christmas Menu for Two

Under the Oaks : A Christmas Menu for Two

This year for Christmas and the New Year the husband and I are staying local, and similar to Thanksgiving are prepping for a low sugar, low carbohydrate, healthy and filling meal for two. We will be keeping it simple, yet flavorful with hints of the holiday: a touch of cranberry sauce in brie stuffed mushrooms, herb filled stuffing muffins, and allspice in the no sugar added apple pie. Similar to our Thanksgiving menu we will be using a gluten-free stuffing substitute for the stuffing muffins; it was so delicious over Thanksgiving we thought we’d go another round! (FYI, gluten-free stuffing mix can be found at Whole Foods) Continue reading