A Christmas Menu for Two

Under the Oaks : A Christmas Menu for Two

This year for Christmas and the New Year the husband and I are staying local, and similar to Thanksgiving are prepping for a low sugar, low carbohydrate, healthy and filling meal for two. We will be keeping it simple, yet flavorful with hints of the holiday: a touch of cranberry sauce in brie stuffed mushrooms, herb filled stuffing muffins, and allspice in the no sugar added apple pie. Similar to our Thanksgiving menu we will be using a gluten-free stuffing substitute for the stuffing muffins; it was so delicious over Thanksgiving we thought we’d go another round! (FYI, gluten-free stuffing mix can be found at Whole Foods) Continue reading

Must-Have Paleo Thanksgiving Dishes

Since we spend our holidays with my family, who are all traditional holiday dinner eaters, I’ve been searching for paleo recipes that are easily incorporated into a typical Thanksgiving dinner. Since mashed cauliflower and no-bread stuffing are not viable options, I’m looking to alter dishes that can easily be made paleo or swapping dishes all together for its healthier, yet still tradition-acceptable alternatives. One

Remember to stock up on plenty of ghee (vs. butter) before you do your holiday cooking!

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup from Paleo Grubs on Under the Oaks blog: Must-Have Paleo Thanksgiving Dishes

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A Thanksgiving Menu for Two

Under the Oaks : A Thanksgiving Menu for Two

This Thanksgiving marks my husband and I’s 7th Thanksgiving in this great City of Oaks. Some years we’ve made it back to the Midwest the weekend after, but we’ve always spent the day together in our home making way too much food (and loving the leftovers), experimenting with new recipes (last year and the year before were of the vegetarian and vegan nature), and simply enjoying one another’s company. Our very first Thanksgiving in Raleigh we were in a tiny apartment and it was so hot outside (and in the kitchen) that all the windows were open. Being raised in Wisconsin, I’d never seen anything like it!

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