Homemade Cinnamon Peach Ice Cream

Under the Oaks blog: Homemade Cinnamon Peach Ice CreamA little-known fact about me is my obsession with ice cream. Mint Chocolate Chip is my absolute favorite but I’m super into trying non-traditional flavors as long as they sound appealing. So after making an effort to be more conscious of where our food comes from, I decided that making my own ice cream would be a must (and because organic ice cream is a little pricy). I was also very intrigued about making ice cream without an ice cream maker and if I’d like it just as much. I tried the yogurt to frozen yogurt suggestion I’ve seen everywhere (simply sticking a yogurt cup in the freezer) and did not like the flavor or texture one bit so making ice cream from scratch was going to be interesting.

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Raleigh Reviews: Tazza Kitchen in Cameron Village

Under the Oaks blog: Raleigh Reviews: Tazza Kitchen in Cameron VillageLast week, we met after work for apps and dinner at Tazza Kitchen in Raleigh’s Cameron Village. We decided on Tazza for our second restaurant review because Crystal hadn’t been yet and Annie had been once before and couldn’t wait to go back. For those of you familiar with the offerings of Cameron Village, Tazza Kitchen replaces what used to be Cafe Caturra. While we’ll miss two-for-one bottles of wine on Tuesday nights, we were both pleasantly surprised by Tazza’s aesthetic appeal and delicious food.

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Have a yummy week.

Under the Oaks blog: Have a yummy week. #Mandolin #Raleigh #restaurant

Last night, Jason and I had a double-date at a Mandolin in Raleigh. This restaurant has been on my must-try list since it opened in 2011. It’s in a part of town we don’t get to much so on those nights when we’re wandering downtown looking for a place we can agree on, Mandolin doesn’t immediately come to mind. It’s a farm-to-table Southern eatery, which was immediately appealing to me, being as my stomach growls for all food Southern. As expected, the prices are on the higher side because of their use of local and fresh ingredients, especially meat. There were a lot of amazing options to chose from but I ultimately ended up with Chicken and Dumplings, one of my top three Southern dishes.

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