Adulthood and Lawns: So Many Lessons, So Little Time


6 years ago when the hubby and I began our Raleigh house search we wanted a short list of items: 3 bedrooms, a garage, and a decent-sized yard. Oh, to be young and stupid.

Lawn-care truly gives me heartburn and I’m going to be 100% up front here, because I know my husband is going to read this and his reaction to my reaction to lawn-care is most likely going to be laughter: I don’t take care of the lawn or anything near it. It never has been, and never will be, my job. I will DIY and renovate the crap out of the inside of the house, but don’t you dare ask me to mingle with the bugs and snakes of the typical North Carolinian lawn. After we moved and stumbled upon the following statistic I knew immediately that any hope for me and the great outdoors was lost: North Carolina has the 2nd highest snake population in the United States.

Ugh, why me.

What I am good at though, is suggestions. I’m a wonderful wife in that I can tell my husband exactly what to do, from inside the walls of our home. I have all sorts of good advice on trimming hedges, edging the lawn, murdering the weeds that pop up in the cracks in the sidewalk. Surely it is unsolicited advice, but advice nonetheless. Continue reading