Have a jolly week.

Under the Oaks : Have a jolly week.

Happy Sunday before Christmas, friends!

This week I had a co-worker say something to me that was oh so simple, yet profoundly enlightening. I had been admitting to not being as productive as I could have been during the last couple of days before holiday break. I’d talked about taking a few extra minutes during lunch to chat with co-workers, participated in numerous office shenanigans that resulted in lots of laughter, and I got to participate in a Christmas-themed flash mob in downtown Raleigh! As I sighed with fond memory, my co-worker looked me dead in the eye and said,

“Crystal, it sounds like you’ve been incredibly productive this week. Sounds like you did a lot of good for your soul, and isn’t that the most important thing?”

So, this week, I pass this message on to you. Enjoy your loved ones, consume a few extra cookies, watch far too many Christmas movies [if there ever was such a thing], and consider keeping your tree up for a few more days. Feed your soul until it is full, and don’t you dare apologize for it. It is after all, the most important thing.

Have a profoundly jolly week, all! hohoho ‘n lols, crystal

Christmas Morning Breakfast: Paleo Banana Pancakes

Under the Oaks blog: Christmas Morning Breakfast: Paleo Banana Pancakes(photo via)

One of my favorite newer Christmas traditions is a big Christmas breakfast. Growing up, we would have something really small for breakfast after we opened our presents because dinner at my grandma’s was at noon sharp. I actually prefer having our big holiday meal in the middle of the day so we can stuff ourselves full, take a nap, and then snack on leftovers and dessert whenever we get hungry again.

Since moving to NC my siblings and I have developed our own new Christmas traditions which typically involve a big dinner at someone’s house for Christmas Eve, some of us attending Midnight Mass, then everyone doing their own thing on Christmas Day. This year, my mom is coming down to spend the holiday with all of us so we will be having a Christmas dinner on Christmas Day but not until later in the afternoon. That means a big Christmas breakfast for Jason and I at our house for just us.

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Have a fun week!

Under the Oaks blog: Have a fun week!

A little 20’s action at my company’s Christmas party this past weekend.

This is a pretty exciting week coming up. Time for last minute shopping, grocery store trips, baking, finalizing plans, and cleaning before family comes into town (or packing to get out of town). This week I will be exchanging gifts with my best friend, decorating the house (yes that’s still on my to do list!) and driving up to New York to get my mom and bring here to Raleigh to spend Christmas with her children. I am so looking forward to the fun of this week and the excitement of next and hope you all have a fun week, too! Annie's Signature