Bump Update: 30 Weeks

2014-12-03 05.25.55 1How far along 30 weeks!

Baby’s size A cucumber! 15-16.5 inches and 2.5-3.5 lbs.

Baby’s progress His fuzz is starting to go away and his skin is getting smoother. His brain is also starting to wrinkle so it can develop and hold more information!

Weight gain 34 lbs.

Stretch Marks Nope!

Sleep My sleep situation has gotten a lot better after I started taking iron supplements. Apparently that helps with restless leg!

Movement Constantly! Jason’s worried he’s never going to sit still.

Best moment this week We went home for Thanksgiving and letting my mom feel him kick was a awesome moment!

Looking forward to I said this 5 weeks ago but I’m still looking forward to getting the nursery all set up! Jason’s had other things going on at the house but it’s almost finished and then we can set up the crib and start moving him in. I couldn’t wait to put his clothes in the closet so that’s done already even though they all have to come down and be washed!

Food Cravings Peanut butter has been a big one. Salads too, still.

Labor signs The Braxton-Hicks have subsided a bit. Maybe it’s just me being less active.

What I miss Being able to relax. I’m exhausted but I can’t relax and feel like I have so much to do.

Symptoms Heartburn has been the worst lately. And my LEAST favorite part, swollen legs and feet. I’m trying to wear boots as much as possible to hide them!

Baby purchases this week We have purchased a lot of necessities lately and I’m feeling really great about that! We still have some bigger things to purchase (bathtub, high chair, mattress, etc.) but a lot of the little things are out of the way. I just got an email that the Packers cloth diaper I ordered is on it’s way! Very excited about that. Also, the diaper bag is on my list of things to purchase this week!

Things that suck Not being able to sit in the car / drive for long periods of time. We drove to NY and whenever I wasn’t driving I was sleeping. I hope I can get back to being able to do the 10 hour drive myself again!

Things that don’t suck Realizing we are on our last countdown week of double digits. 10 weeks to go!


Bump Update: 25 Weeks + My Baby Shower!

IMG_4950EDITEDLast weekend, my sisters and friends put on a fantastic baby shower for me and Baby Carter! I am so overwhelmed by the love and support from all these women and can’t get over how lucky Carter is to come into the world with this support group. A million “thank you”s to everyone involved. It was an amazing day!

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