Dreaming of… Riviera Maya

Under the Oaks blog: Dreaming of... Riviera Maya #Mexico #honeymoon #travel #tulumThis was our view for eight glorious days.

┬áIn just over a month, Jason and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary! I feel like it flew by super fast. Since we’ve been doing a lot of traveling this summer, we probably won’t do a big trip for our anniversary. I think that’s alright with me because we wouldn’t be able to do it up right if we haven’t done any planning as of yet. We also have a wedding coming up early next year that will be bringing us to Denver! I am super excited about this trip and I’ll post more on that when it gets closer but that will probably be our trip-of-the-year so we will have to start putting money aside for those plans soon.

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Dreaming of… Upstate New York

Under the Oaks blog: Dreaming of... Upstate New York #madewithover

Upstate New York is home to me. I grew up there and left after high school to move to NC for college. It’s funny that my appreciation and love for Upstate has grown since leaving. I always knew it was an absolutely beautiful place to be [in the summer] but never knew how much I would miss it when I was gone. I would love to have a lake house and spend my summers there and have all my friends from NC come up and visit and fall in love, too. But for now, I go to visit my mom and relive my youth by taking Jason to some of my favorite places. Here are some pictures from previous trips and a little sneak peak of some of the things I’ll be doing all next week on vacation!

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Dreaming of… San Francisco

Under the Oaks blog: Dreaming of... San Francisco(original image via, edited with Over)

Lately, my mind has been nonstop about San Francisco. I read a lot of blogs and follow a ton of Instagram accounts of people in San Fran and it has me day dreaming all the time. I have a bad (but so good) feeling that I’m going to fall in love and never want to come back to the East Coast. I really can’t believe that I’ve made it this far in life without ever having visited California. Jason and I have been talking about our First Year Anniversary trip and where we’d like to go. I suggested a very long weekend in San Fran but ideally, and not necessarily for our anniversary, I’d like to take a whole week or more to drive from LA up the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur, on to a few days in San Fran, then heading all the way up through the Redwood National Park to Seattle for a few more days. How amazing would that be? San Francisco is top on my list though and if I could get only a weekend, I’d take it in a heartbeat!

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