DIY Deck Renovation


As mentioned in Tuesday’s post (DIY Mason Jar Lanterns) my husband and I spent some time renovating our backyard deck over the weekend. We’ve been in our house for almost 8 years and haven’t taken full advantage of our backyard. We thought, what better way to kick off the first weekend of summer (unofficially) than to turn our deck into an oasis that encouraged us to spend some time outdoors. Oh, and the husband tempted me with a trip to Ikea so … that happened!

A few before photos –



Our deck is 12 feet by 25 feet and was stained last year when we painted our house. We started with some furniture that clearly wasn’t being used (please note: random, strewn about chairs). Being a lady of very pale nature my only goal was to create a space where I could relax, but be completely protected from the afternoon’s harsh rays.

For our lounge space we picked out Ikea’s flexible and reconfigurable, Applaro Series seating and Karlso hanging umbrella. Rug, pillows, and glass bulbs were all selected from Target’s current outdoor seasonal offerings.





DSC_0263For our dining area we reused the table that we had and spruced it up with some simple accessories: new seat cushions (Ikea), some greenery, table runner, drink tray, citronella candles, and of course a few of the DIY Mason Jar Lanterns.




We have been loving our new oasis so far! It feels like an extension of our home. I look forward to spending all summer under the shade of the umbrella(s), sipping on lemonade (or sangria), reading great books and having friends over.

Is your backyard space ready for summer? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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