DIY Mason Jar Solar Lamp

IMG_1083.JPGOver Memorial Day Weekend my husband and I spent some time revamping our deck and if y’all know me well enough by now then you know that I don’t revamp a space without throwing in a little personal touch in the form of a little tender-loving DIY. This weekend’s DIY were some Mason Jar Solar Lamps.

The idea started with Creative Cain Cabin’s DIY Solar Lamps. I of course took the idea and put my own spin on it. The project didn’t cost very much, I got six outdoor lights out of the deal, and they add a beautiful light to our new outdoor oasis.

DSC_0196All I used were some short, wide mouth mason jars, twine, decorative rocks, the tops of some solar garden lights, scissors, and a crafter’s best friend, hot glue.

DSC_0204A few decorative rocks went into to each jar to weigh the jar down on a windy day.

DSC_0208I then hot glued the top rim of the mason jar lid to the bottom of the garden solar light.

DSC_0211Wrapped it in twine.

DSC_0214Screwed the top back on to the jar and we have ourselves a lamp! It was super easy, very pretty, and I was able to make six for under $30 and in about 30 minutes.


Check back on Thursday to see the entire deck revamp project! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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