May Book Review: Sweet Valley Confidential

IMG_1035.JPGWhere are all my Sweet Valley High fans at? This one is for you!

For this month’s book review I read Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley Confidential: 10 Years Later. This book has been sitting on my shelf for a few years. I bought it at a Borders going out of business sale because I wanted to relive a piece of my childhood. I, personally, was more of a Baby-Sitters Club devotee, but I did spend my fair share of hours deep in the throes of the drama of the Wakefield twins, Elizabeth and Jessica.

Before I began my journey with the now 27-year old twins, I read the various reviews on the net, and I’ll be honest, they weren’t good! So I kept the book on my shelf for a time better suited for taking on a reading risk. The past two months you may, or may not have, noticed there was no book review. I tried. I tried to get into a few books and they were all really disappointing that I couldn’t even finish. So I thought, why not? Why not dive into this book that may or may not disappoint me from the get-go. I wasn’t disappointed.

I’ll be real, it wasn’t my favorite book and it wasn’t that great a piece of literature in general, but it wasn’t awful. Predictable, yes. Cliche, yes. Awful, no. So, do you want to know how the twins are doing 10 years later?

10 years later: Elizabeth and Jessica have suffered a major rift. I’m not spoiling anything here (because you figure it out within a few pages), but that hussy Jessica has cheated with Todd, Elizabeth’s fiancĂ© and so Elizabeth has severed all ties and moved to the opposite coast: New York City. At the start of the book it has been 8 months and Elizabeth is working as an off-Broadway journalist and Jessica is in Sweet Valley Cali missing her twin and questioning what she’s done. Was Todd worth it, was love worth losing her other half? The novel takes you through the events prior, as seen from both twin’s points of view, and then reveals if the bond of twin-hood is strong enough to heal all. I won’t spoil the end, but please read in the previous graph (“predictable, yes”).

One thing that did annoy me to no end, every time I read from Jessica’s point of view Pascal felt the need to add unnecessary sos, and likes in order to make Jessica appear to be a little more “valley”. It was awful and genuinely like difficult to read (see what I like did there?).

You know what I appreciated, though? A quick, simple read. It took me back briefly to a time when I didn’t judge books grammatically or how interesting/uninteresting the story was, but when I more enjoyed getting lost in a fictional world. Putting myself in the luxurious world of Sweet Valley, where I wished I had my own twin who understood me better than anyone else and spent my entire weekend at the Sweet Valley beach, or mall.

Do you remember the Sweet Valley High days? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


One thought on “May Book Review: Sweet Valley Confidential

  1. blast from the past! I only read sweet valley high because I ran out of baby sitters club. I am intrigued by the 10 year later twist! Great post!

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