ClassPass Raleigh Review

HELLO-RALEIGH-600x600I was lucky enough to get contacted a few months ago by ClassPass asking if I’d be interested in a free one-month membership to try and review. At the time I was mega-pregnant and they were awesome enough to work with me so I could chose my month and not miss out. I chose April so a few days before the first of the month I hopped on to ClassPass and roamed around. Here’s what I found out…

What is ClassPass?

ClassPass is essentially a pass for all the best classes in your city. Instead of signing up for a gym and being locked into only the classes they have to offer, ClassPass allows you the freedom to try a ton of different studios and class types for a monthly membership fee. There are some limitations that I find incredibly reasonable but everything starts over at the beginning of the month. It’s awesome for people who tend to get bored with the same routine or don’t want to commit to just one place.

When-You-Are-Bored-With-Your-WorkoutWhat I loved…

First things first, the website was really easy to use. The layout, functions, and overall look makes using the website super enjoyable. You can add favorite studios and they are listed on your homepage so you don’t have to go searching.

Signing up for and cancelling classes without the headache was a big plus. I had the best intentions but couldn’t make all the classes I wanted to. As long as it’s not within the 12-24 cancellation period depending on the studio, you’re free to rearrange your schedule as you please.

The studios participating are interesting. There is a large variety of class types that allow you to mix things up including cross fit, yoga, spin, and barre. And they were welcoming. I had a great experience with check-ins and instructors.

passthehappyheaderWhat I didn’t love…

Honestly, the only thing I’m not in love with is the price. It’s expensive. I’m not sure where Raleigh falls on the pricing scale but it’s somewhere between $79 and $99 a month. It’s very comparable to an individual studio but more expensive than a gym membership.

I would definitely recommend checking out ClassPass to mix up your workout routine. It’s a really fun way to meet people, stay active and focused, and explore a little bit more of your city. Read more on their blog here!

Have you tried ClassPass? How’d you like it? —Annie


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