Giveaway! Mother’s Day Gifts for First Time Moms

mothersdayMy first mother’s day is coming up quick. There are a few things I’ve been thinking would make really nice gifts for first time moms and all moms alike! Here’s my list…

1. A trip to the spa … I had a massage and pedicure for my birthday a few weeks ago and, even though it was something I had been asking for, I didn’t know how much I really needed it. Not only did it help me destress but it also gave me an excuse to take a few hours for myself and turn off for a minute. That is invaluable.

2. Professional house cleaning … Most days the house begins a mess and is usually even more of a mess by bedtime. Dusting the baseboards? Yeah right. A few days to solely focus on the baby AND have a spotless house? Yes please!

3. Birthstones … The thoughtfulness and sentiment behind this gift is second to none. We are planning on having more than one so finding a design that allows you to easily add to is a must. This and this are my faves.

4. Preplanned Date Night … I’m usually the date planner but I love surprise date nights. It makes the time away from home a little more relaxing being able to just go with the flow.

5. Girls night out … Bonus if you plan this one too!

6. Sleeping in … and maybe some breakfast in bed for an extra touch.

7. Quality beauty products … Two things happen when you have kids: hours in the day diminish and you seem to age at a rapid pace. That’s why it’s super important to make sure your daily beauty products are high quality to make the most of what little time you have to spend on your skin.

I was fortunate to receive some products from a company I hadn’t heard of yet called Mumsie. a new, natural and organic line formulated expecting and new moms. I love that it’s produced in a 100% solar-powered facility in the US (SoCal specifically) and is sold at a great price point.

mumsieThe Mumsie line includes the first-ever acne-cleansing facial wash that is both salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide free, making it safe for mom and baby. The line also includes two stretch mark relieving products that use natural ingredients as alternatives to the other more synthetic or petroleum-based products on the market.

I’ve been using the facial wash exclusively since coming home from the hospital and it’s been a welcome addition to my routine. Since it’s a gel cleanser, I was worried that it would dry out my skin, especially during the winter months but it kept my skin really balanced. No tightness at all. I used the Stretch Mark Relief Cream as much as I could, maybe about once a week, and really enjoyed it as well. It dried really quick, which is great with how little time I have!

So as a little Mother’s Day gift to you, I’m hosting a giveaway for Mumsie’s Stretch Mark Relief Oil so you can try it for yourself! Just fill out the form below and submit. The winner will be selected on Mother’s Day!

In reality, a beautiful day with my family would be the best gift but it’s nice to get a little extra once in a while! What’s on your mother’s day wishlist?



*Full disclosure: I was gifted the Mumsie products for review free of charge.


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