Wedding Dress turned Baptismal Gown

gown(photo on left by Megan Kime Photography)

I’m not sure where I first got this idea but as soon as I heard about ladies turning their wedding dresses into baptismal gowns for their kids, I knew I’d be doing that also. I’m not into preserving a dress I’ll never wear again or trying to find space to keep it. It’s been hard enough keeping it this long in a closet! About six months into pregnancy I asked around and found a seamstress, Christina from Istina Designs, that was willing to make the transformation.

gown2I wanted something very classic and traditional. I love the details on the arms and how simple the top is. It will be used for all of our children so I didn’t want to customize it too much.

gown3My wedding gown was pretty basic but it did have a top layer of sheer organza which Christina incorporated beautifully. I haven’t brought myself to look at the remnants or think too much that I’ll never see my wedding dress in person again but what it has become is beautiful! Carter’s baptism is on Saturday evening. I can’t wait for him to wear it!


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