2015 Bucket Lists: 3 Month Checkup

2015BL 3 month checkup


1. Create a scrapbook / baby book for Carter. Before he was born, I bought all the supplies and started putting them together. Since then, we’ve tucked a few things in the book to be included like his stamped footprints cards from the flowers we received and written memories on cards to be included with the pictures when they are printed. I bought photo paper this past weekend so I’m planning on working on pics soon but I’m not sure the book will come together until we get a few more months into it.

2. Make a new recipe at least once a month. I haven’t really been cooking lately, yano with a new baby and all, so this hasn’t happened yet.

3. Go paperless. Yea, no.

4. Implement the 2×2 rule for dating Jason. We aren’t quite on the 2×2 yet but we have gone on some good dates! Read about our last one here!

5. Learn to sew. I see this happening toward the end of the year, maybe when the craziness dies down and I can focus on something so tedious… maybe.

6. Return to pre-baby workouts and eating habits. So I posted my post-baby workout goals here and as of today we are not full Paleo yet but I have gone to a yoga class and I’ve broken my running hiatus. I’m sore and happy! There will be a lot more about this in the next coming months so I’m hoping for a really good update at the halfway mark!


1. January Habit – Keep the house consistently clean. For this habit I tried to take a few minutes every night to put something away, clean something, organize, etc. I might have cheated by traveling abroad for 10 days, and somewhat defeating the idea of forming a new habit (believe me, I wasn’t thinking about cleaning while shopping the streets of Portobello Market).

2. February Habit – Use the gym at work. Success! Not only did I get to the gym every work day in the month of February, but I continued it into March. I started working out after work, and it was okay, but then one day decided to wake up early and get to the gym before work and I found my sweet spot. Ask me 3 months ago if I thought I’d be my best in the morning and I would have laughed in your face, like a real hearty laugh. Yet here I am, 8:16am and I’ve already gotten my work out in, enjoying a healthy breakfast, sipping some coffee, and ready to start my day energized!

3. March Habit – Be in bed by 10pm and up by 6am. I almost don’t even want to share how this habit has gone so far. Waking up at 6am has surprisingly not been a difficult habit to form at all. In fact it started the month before when I started waking up earlier to get to the gym at work. Getting to bed and falling asleep by 10pm, I have not succeeded at this. I probably could have picked a better month. With a crazy work schedule, and a million things on my mind, I need to figure out a better balance of getting the sleep that I need.


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