Weekly Rustlings

seetheforestThis past week life got a little off-balance. I have a big project going live in a week and I’ll be honest, I’ve been having a difficult time seeing the forest through the trees and keeping that at the forefront of my mind. Big picture: my job is a job, it is not what defines me. Passion and dedication are great until you are taking naps at work and they are longer than the sleeps you are getting overnight at home.

I had a doctor’s appointment that I *almost* canceled because I was so busy with work tasks. The doctor took my blood pressure and it was a little on the high side (dang white coat syndrome). She then said, “Place yourself in the most peaceful place you’ve been.” Sounds silly, usually better said then done. I pictured myself in Westminster and what do you know my blood pressure was almost on spot. The mind sure is a powerful thing.

Does anyone else have this issue? How do you ignore the trees to see the big picture? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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