Mamahood Advice from Kelly of Cloudy Day Gray

mammahood1Motherhood is such a powerful means for personal growth. It woke me up and propelled me in a direction I never even knew existed. It changed who I am and all for the better. The best advice I can give to any new mother is to put down the books, adjust your expectations, and never take any moment for granted.

mammahood4I have a son, Parker, who is turning five at the end of the month. He is wise beyond his years, kindhearted, and loves that his claim to fame is being born in Australia. He made me a mother and taught me so much about myself, challenging everything I thought I knew about babies. He was demanding and physically exhausting, but I loved him. And that love despite all the difficulty prepared me for the most challenging time of my life.

mammahood2Parker’s sister Matilda was born in September 2012. She was perfect. But at nine days old she was rushed from one hospital to the next and again to another, put on life support, and diagnosed with acute liver failure. My world. My expectations. Everything I knew about motherhood felt like it was ripped from my arms. Parker went to stay with family and most days I was unable to hold Matilda. For five long weeks we watched her slip away and as we were saying our goodbyes, she was offered a liver from a two-week-old who had passed away.

One mother reached out to give, to save, to bring light into our life in the most devastating moment of hers. I cannot imagine a love more powerful than that.

mammahood3Matilda is now two and a half and is the most joyful child I have ever known. She requires extra medical attention on a regular basis, but she is healthy and right on track.

I used to be a teacher, but now I have made my own career as a mother, blogger, and donate life advocate through my blog Cloudy Day Gray. After all, we all have cloudy days, but it is what you do with those cloudy days that defines who you are. Please join me this April as I celebrate the lives saved through pediatric organ donation and collect 1,900 photographs – one for every child on the transplant waiting list – though my Instagram campaign #HowIDonateLife.

Thanks for contributing to the Mamahood Advice Series and sharing your story, Kelly!

Mamahood Advice series features blogging mamas from around the web each month sharing their advice for new moms. Interested in being a guest blogger for this series? Email me! hello [at] undertheoaksblog [dot] com.



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