Weekly Rustlings

Right now, my house is quiet. The TV is on but turned down low enough that it’s barely there. Carter just went down for a nap. The dog and cats are sleeping. Jason is driving his parents and sister to the airport to head home. I could never thank my in-laws enough, especially my mother-in-law, for all of the help that they’ve given us this week but I never anticipated, nor knew I’d need, the more long-term gift they’ve given us that starts now: normalcy.

Before they arrived, and after he was born, we’d been trying to find our new normal. Having a baby really does change everything and it takes a long time to get used to such a change that happens (what seems like) almost overnight. Thinking about the week ahead, I realize that we will be getting back to our “normal” routine. But it wasn’t until now that I realized that we had a normal routine. We’re officially over the getting-used-to-things period and it took the special event of their visit to put that into perspective and, for that, I am so grateful.

Big things happening this week:

  • Carter’s 2 months!
  • The official countdown to the end of maternity leave (boooooo)
  • The official countdown to the end of my twenties (double boooooo!)

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