An International Women’s Day Dream

IMG_0612.JPGThis past Sunday was International Women’s Day, so happy belated Women’s Day to our fabulous, strong, and fierce female readers from around the world!

I read about Misao Okawa from Japan who celebrated her 117th birthday last week. Damn, 117. My esteemed blogger colleague posted a great video via Facebook that noted how Okawa was born before women could vote, divorce, own a bank account, earn equal pay, work after marriage, be elected, hold religious office, etc. You know, all the things we likely take for granted every day.

I’m only 30, but I’d like to think that in my lifetime, or at least in the next 87 years, I will get to see greater accomplishments by and for powerful women. (1) I’d like to see a female president. Not just one that is a woman, but a powerful, strong, confident, and globally respected woman leading our country. (2) I want girls from around the globe to have equal and accessible education rights and opportunities. (3) I want better maternity leave rights.

Just something to chew on …

CP_midyear_reportDid you know that in the United States your employer is not required to give you maternity leave? Some companies offer 8 or 12 weeks as a “gift”, or a perk of working with that company. I like to think that replenishing the human population is something that is more than just a “gift” to society and it really should be encouraged and nourished. I feel like it says a lot about a society when they allow you to mother your child for a period of time that allows them to grow, learn, and be cared for in the best way possible.

Some day I may be blessed with the opportunity to take a maternity leave. I’m likely going to be faced with the decision to rear my child the way I’d like, or keep my job and go back before I or my child are ready. I want to work, I want to choose the way in which I contribute to the success of a society or community by working outside of my home. I just wish my society would give me the opportunity to rear my child for an acceptable amount of time.

In my ideal world maternity leave would be acceptable for a period of 6-12 months, my choice.

What rights do you want to see in your lifetime? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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