Welcome Carter James!

IMG_20150124_062529This Thursday, the 12th, is Carter’s original due date. I can’t believe he will be 3 weeks old the next day! Life has been drastically different and we are still getting used to having this little one around but we wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Here’s his birth story…

On Friday, January 16th, I went in for my 36 week check up. My blood pressure was sky-high and weight had jumped up 10 lbs since my last appointment 2 weeks earlier, which was due to water retention and swelling. The doctor was concerned so she sent me over to be admitted to the hospital for monitoring for preeclampsia. I was there for a few hours and my blood pressure returned to normal so I was sent home but my doctor asked me to move my 37 week appointment up from the following Friday to Tuesday.

On Tuesday I went in, not thinking too much about the possibility of things changing since I wasn’t having any signs of labor. My blood pressure was still up, not as much as the week before, but the main concern at this appointment was the amount of protein measured in my urine (one of the main tests they perform and why they make you pee in a cup each time you go in!). The level of protein told the doctors that my kidneys weren’t performing as efficiently as they should have been and I was officially diagnosed with mild preeclampsia.

Since we were only three weeks away from the due date, my initial thought was that I’d just be monitored more frequently and wait for labor as usual. I was wrong.

“So, you’re going to have a baby this week!” was the next thing my doctor told me. Holy. Cow. For mild preeclampsia, their policy is to deliver at 37 weeks so she told me I was schedule to be induced Thursday night! I was still working and went back to finish out the day after my appointment and had to tell them it was my last day.

On Thursday, we went in around 8p and started the induction process. The first step helped me dilate to 4 centimeters overnight and I was ready to start the pitocin around 11a Friday morning. My contractions started out around 6 minutes apart and quickly escalated to 3-4 minutes apart. Things were progressing quickly so the doctor broke my water around 1:30p and I decided to get the epidural a few hours later. My contractions were consistent for the next few hours but I didn’t dilate beyond 4 centimeters. After a few check-ins, my doctor sat down with us and asked us how we felt about having a c-section. She said, since we hadn’t progressed much after breaking my water, that a c-section was probably the best option.

We agreed so they started prepping me for surgery. I’ve never had major surgery or even spent time in a hospital before that few hours the week before so I’m not sure it’s really hit me yet what really happened. I was awake for the whole thing but really couldn’t feel any part of my body so it was such a surreal event.

When he came out and they brought him over he was screaming his head off and I just remember thinking that he was so big! We had no idea how big he would be but it’s clear now why the c-section was really our only option. He was born 8lbs. even, which was so unexpected, especially being 3 weeks early. I can’t imagine what he would have been had he come on time!

IMG_20150206_095838We have spent the past 3 weeks loving on this little boy and are already seeing him grow and change. Time really is passing quickly and I can’t wait until we start to really see his personality come though. What an amazing journey we are on! —Annie


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