Paris in Raleigh

IMG_0505.JPGOn Tuesday I shared with you all that one of the things I want to do in Paris is E.A.T! We’re all in luck, there just happen to be some great places in our very own City of Oaks (and nearby) where we can savor sweet Parisian flavors.

1 – Coquette Brasserie – Found in North Hills, this is a legit taste of France. I have enjoyed brunch, lunch, and dinner here on multiple occasions and have never been disappointed. Make reservations in advance and go with your best lady friends, or even your hubby (or wifey). Be prepared to spend a few more dollars as you will pay the price (but not too much) for a great meal.

2 – Sosta Cafe – Not marketed as a French eatery, but you must know that the owner, Jerome, is very French and runs his business in a similar fashion as a Parisian street cafe. This is strictly a coffee and lunch spot, but the sandwiches are delicious, coffee pretty good, and very chill ambiance.

3 – La Farm Bakery – I drooled over this joint back in November. This place is amazing for pastries, lunch, and all things French flavored.

4 – Vin Rouge Annie and I reviewed this Durham French Bistro last August. We both loved our meals, loved the ambiance, and had great conversation. Anywhere that allows you to sit outside by candlelight is alright by me.

What are some of your fave spots for French cuisine? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal




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