Annie’s Post-Baby Workout Plan

BURPEESI can’t believe I’m saying this but we will be at the hospital tonight to be induced! I was diagnosed with mild preeclampsia this week and, since today we are at 37 weeks / full term, they decided that I am to be induced to prevent the condition from becoming worse. Thankfully, he is doing perfectly fine. It’s just a problem with mama!

When I was in for my appointment, I did ask the doctor if any of this could have been prevented if I hadn’t gained as much weight as I had. Her answer was a definitive “no”, which made me feel less guilty about how horrible I’ve been eating but also didn’t give me any comfort because it’s frustrating to know this is something I can’t help. Regardless of the preeclampsia, I gained entirely too much weight for my size. I’m so curious to see how big he will be and how much weight will come off immediately since a lot is actual water weight. I’ve been so antsy the past few months and have really missed my workouts and runs so I’ve been planning out my ideal workout routine and goals to help me get back into it!

So here’s my plan:

  • Running: 3 days a week to train for a 10k race sometime in the fall
  • Cross Training: 2-3 days a week. This will most likely be a strength training class or one of the workouts from the Nike N+TC app or it could just be weights. A yoga class a week would be ideal.
  • Paleo: I’m calling it half Paleo because there are several foods not Paleo that I’ll be eating to help with nursing. The goal with this is to bring it back to the basics and focus on fueling me the best way possible.
  • Weight: I have goals I want to meet and an ultimate goal weight, like before, but I am aware that my body will be so different than it was because of the recovery process so I’m not focusing on weight as much as I did before. It will be more about toning and definition and then once I feel like my shape is returning, I’ll put more focus on the weight.

I have to keep reminding myself that it will be slow going. Even though I was doing so well and was so focused before getting pregnant, things will be drastically different but laying out the goals is the first step to success. And I couldn’t be more happy to have the excitement I do about getting back to the gym and starting the steps to becoming the healthiest mom I can!

— Annie


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