Bump Update: 35 Weeks

Yes I feel exactly how I look… exhausted! Y’all, we are down to 5 weeks!

How far along 35 weeks!

Baby’s size A honeydew melon… about 18-20 inches long and 5-6 lbs!

Baby’s progress He’s just fattening up! Most of his development has already taken place so he’s just preparing for life on the outside.

Weight gain Just over 40 lbs at my last appointment.

Stretch Marks They’re faint but yes I’m starting to see some. Thank God we’re almost to the end!

Sleep Surprisingly good. It’s been easier to fall asleep initially and after getting up about 5 times though it doesn’t seem to help the exhaustion during the day.

Movement Still constant movement. He has days where he’s less active but I’m assuming he’s catching up on his sleep since he clearly doesn’t get much right now.

Best moment this week We got the nursery all set up and most of his clothes have been washed. We have the crib set up and ready for him! Also, packing of the hospital bag has begun. That’s a pretty exciting feeling.

Looking forward to His arrival! I’m really looking forward to getting my body back to normal and settling into a new routine. Pregnancy has been an incredible experience but… I’m ready to meet him!

Food Cravings Nothing in particular. My appetite has gone down a lot since I can’t fit a whole lot in my stomach right now. Although, Mike and Ikes have been a big thing during the whole pregnancy and I finally picked up some more this week.

Labor signs Nothing definitive yet. Some Braxton-Hicks and a lot of back pain but no contraction pain yet!

Symptoms I’ve been feeling a little nauseous in the mornings before eating anything. Thankfully, no actual morning sickness but it’s not fun regardless!

Baby purchases lately We are waiting on the side table to come in and then we have to stain it and finish it.

Things that suck HEARTBURN and peeing all. the. time. Also, I’m almost to the point where Jason and I have to switch vehicles because I’m not quite fitting behind the wheel anymore. (not sure whether that sucks or doesn’t suck though!)

Things that don’t suck Seeing how excited everyone around us is getting for his arrival. It’s so heartwarming and special. Makes us beyond grateful!

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