2014 Roundup: Home Renovations & Updates

JPEG_20150105_132744_182503881Over the next 2 weeks, we’re recapping our 2014 (and our second full blog year!) with some roundups of our most popular categories!

Home updates were in full swing in 2014 at Crystal’s nest! Over at Annie’s, a few major renovation projects were completed, making way for even bigger renovations to come in 2015. Here are our Home Renovations and Updates posts from 2014:

Curtains: A Living Room Facelift
Renovation Reveal: Upstairs Hallway
DIY: Replacing Stair Flooring
Master Bedroom Sneak Peek
Linen Closet Refresh
Annie’s Renovation Reality: The Bedrooms
Simple Shoe Closet Makeover
A Little Bit of Curb Appeal
DIY Coat Closet Makeover


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