Lucky Eating: Traditional New Year’s Foods


Anyone looking for something other than Christmas to think about? How about New Year’s! I know, I know – let us get through Christmas. I’m looking forward to Christmas in 2 days, but I’m also looking to close the chapter on 2014. Don’t get me wrong, it was great, but sometimes you just need a fresh start. And in my fresh start will need lots of faith and good luck.

Upon moving to the South I’ve heard acquaintances talk about their family’s traditional New Year’s meals, I had no idea there was such a thing! The foods that grace their tables are ones that are eaten to bring good luck, ward of the evil, and bring on progress and prosperity. Sounds like a tradition I will need in my own home this year.

What are they eating? Cooked greens because who doesn’t like to holla at the dolla and in the South the collard greens are the preferred currency. For a similar purpose legumes are consumed because they are cheap, come a plenty, and who doesn’t like their black-eyed peas, and may I suggest a Black Eyed Peas sing-a-long whilst eating this lucky food? Another Southern favorite (but not mine) is pork because the fat represents – you guessed it, wealth and prosperity!

The next lucky food happens to be one that I think is real neat (via Epicurious):

“New Year’s revelers in Spain consume twelve grapes at midnight—one grape for each stroke of the clock. This dates back to 1909, when grape growers in the Alicante region of Spain initiated the practice to take care of a grape surplus. The idea stuck, spreading to Portugal as well as former Spanish and Portuguese colonies such as Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru. Each grape represents a different month, so if for instance the third grape is a bit sour, March might be a rocky month. For most, the goal is to swallow all the grapes before the last stroke of midnight, but Peruvians insist on taking in a 13th grape for good measure.”

For some good all-around recipes:

Oh, and avoid Lobster because they move backwards and the New Year is all about moving forward! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal



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