Have an observed week.

IMG_0111.JPGIt’s here! The week we’ve all been looking forward to all year for a variety of reasons. You either 1) love Christmas and all that this entails or 2) look forward to the time off from work. For me it’s a lot a bit of both. This past week a co-worker commented, “You really love Christmas, don’t you?” Am I that obvious?

Today in particular I have a couple of random musings that I feel like observing out loud (other than my obvious love for this time of year):

  1. The real meaning of Christmas. Now I understand that there are a variety of faiths out there and that the holidays mean something a little different to some, but if you have a Christmas tree standing in your house, take some time to observe why it is there this week.
  2. Today is the shortest day of the year and the first day of winter.
  3. For a lot of families this is the only time of year they’ll see their extended families. Amazing to think about, make the best of it!
  4. Within the next 16 hours I will have a new niece! My sister has been in labor since yesterday and I hope for her labor does not extend over a 3 day period.
  5. Everything changes. The thing about change is how you respond to it.
  6. Getting old is all in your head. For the last 3 weeks I was certain I was in the process of going blind and thought, great – this is what 30 has to offer. Not only am I not going blind, but my optometrist says my eyes are actually in pretty good health. The only thing 30 has “done” to me is make me delusional.
  7. Why must I get sick on the first day of my 16 day vacation? I know it happens every time, but why?
  8. It should snow some more this week. It snowed for about 5 minutes yesterday and I would really enjoy if it did it again.
  9. It took me 72 hours to listen to all 12 episodes of Serial this past week.

Got any random observations this week? Feel free to share below. xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


2 thoughts on “Have an observed week.

  1. Happy to be in the state I love for two weeks. My heart is here no matter the time of year. But please Crystal, keep the snow away from me – I will get enough up north. Miss you …

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