Have a settled week.

settledHappy Sunday! Sorry for the late post today. We’ve been super busy trying to finish up Carter’s nursery this afternoon! I am so happy to say that it is painted, the crib is put together, and the rug is laid! We still have some key pieces to purchase and set up but things are definitely coming together. And all three bedrooms are officially DONE! I think my favorite part about getting a room done is that it usually means I get two rooms out of it: the newly completed room and the room that was previously completed but was used to house all the stuff that has to go in that new room. In this case, it’s my office / guest bedroom. Since my baby shower in October, the floor of this room has been covered with gift bags, boxes, and Target bags full of baby gifts and gear. Now that they have a home, I can start working on getting my office organized and ready for the 3 months off for maternity leave.

This past weekend was a busy one for us. We had an office party for my company on Thursday, a birthday dinner on Friday, and Jason’s company Christmas party last night. Next Saturday we will be spending all day in a maternity class so we are missing out on a full day of prep around the house, even though the class is an important part of the prep for Carter’s arrival! So during this week, I’ll be focusing efforts after work on the house and doing what I can to get things settled around here now that Carter has his own space. I’m finally at the point where I feel like I can put my energy toward nesting and actually get somewhere instead of just everyday cleaning or organizing. There was only so many times I could organize his clothes, toys, and furniture!

One fun thing we are doing outside the house this week is hitting up the Raleigh Smashburger soft opening tomorrow night. I can’t wait for this, y’all! I’ve never eaten at one but heard some amazing things. We have some favorite burger joints around Raleigh and I’m hoping to add this one to the list. Their public grand opening is on Wednesday so stop back by the blog on Tuesday for a little recap of tomorrow night’s event before you check it our for yourself!

Have a great week! —Annie


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