Shopping Local Raleigh Makers

JPEG_20141210_205743_-676261467~2It has been all about Raleigh this week here on Under the Oaks! On Tuesday, Crystal gave her suggestions on where to shop local in some of her favorite spots around Raleigh. Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite local makers!

House of Swank – If you haven’t seen these guys out at any number of events around town then you don’t get out much. Their designs are clever and their setup is fun. They make it easy to be a proud North Carolinian!

Videri Chocolate Factory – We have our own chocolate factory. How cool is that? You can find their chocolate bars all over Raleigh but you definitely need to see where the magic happens. Inside the building is the factory where you can watch the whole chocolate making process then browse the small retail shop and sip on some coffee from their coffee bar.

Emily Brooks Designs – Emily is an awesome designer and her local maps are a favorite of mine. She uses a beautiful design to highlight some of the great places around town that’s so easy to display in any spot of your house. Or grab some “What Would Beyoncé Do?” stationary.

Hawks & Doves – I first saw some onesies from these guys at Deco. They are simple, white onesies with sayings like “I love you like shrimp and grits” and “Locally made”. Scouring their website, I’ve fallen in love with their tote bags and aprons. Fun, funky stuff.

Yellow Dog Bread Co. – These guys got me through some tough pregnancy mornings. On my way to work, I’d stop in and grab some breakfast. My go-tos? A gigantic cinnamon bun and apple turnover. I’m dying to try the granola they sell and love getting some fresh baked bread before a dinner party or a simple pasta dinner at home.

White Whale – These drink mixers were introduced to me via a blog I’m obsessed with, The Fresh Exchange. Megan’s company, Wild Measure, is behind the awesome design and since she mentioned them, I’ve seen them everywhere. Available are mixers for all types of drinkers and, as long as you know which spirit your friends prefer, you will be their favorite gift giver.



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