Where to Shop Local in Raleigh


This year I didn’t do any after Thanksgiving shopping. I’m just sort of … over it, if that makes sense. I’m over the material obsession and watching people forget what the season is all about all to save a few pennies. The only thing I truly appreciate about Black Friday shopping is that sense of tradition, but why not start new traditions?

I’ve literally purchased not a single Christmas gift yet this year. I can either look at the glass as half empty (eek, only two more weeks) or half full, and the opportunity I see here is the opportunity to shop fully local. Why not? Why not support the community that supports me every day? The following list are my favorite shop local spots in Raleigh. For a full list refer to Shop Local Raleigh.

Cameron Village is always my first stop for local shopping. It’s cute, southern, and I can always find something amazing and unique at the variety of shops. The three places I always pop into: Little Art Gallery (art), Fifi’s (consignment clothing and accessories), and Tin Roof Teas (tea). Also, for you locals, did you know that they just opened a condensed version of Southern Season? You are welcome.

Sometimes I forget how much great shopping is available downtown which is crazy because I’m downtown every day. My downtown faves? Moon & Lola (accessories) and Stitch & Holly Aiken (bags & accessories) for sure! One place I’ve been meaning to stop in at, but cannot yet attest to is nüvonivo (children & baby clothes). I’m sure I could find some great gifts for my nieces.

Not too far from downtown is Seaboard Station. Not a ton of shops, but my favorite place to shop for Frankie is there! We love shopping at Phydeaux, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to stop by Seaboard Wine & Tasting Bar to pick up some wine for various parties (or myself, thank you Santa).

Another great place for shopping (though not all local) is North Hills, you may have seen us mention it on a few (just a few) occassions. While a few of my favorite non-local shops are here, I also have a few local faves. Midtown Olive Oil is a great place to pick up some unique gifts for the cooks in your family. Paperbuzz is also great if you still need stationary for holilday cards, or other misc. gifts. I’m also not leaving North Hills without stopping in at Apricot Lane (women’s clothing).

Last but not least, how about Lafayette Village? I’m probably going to spend a bit of time here finding great gifts for my loved ones. I love Savory Spice Shop, The Chocolate Boutique, and Stuf ‘n Such. And if all else fails, why not give a gift card for Jubala Village Coffee? Annie and I have been known to frequent this amazing coffee shop.

Locals, did I miss any other great local shopping spots? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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