Have a local week.

IMG_0090.JPG(photo credits all via RDUbaton: smankenb, mtbader, akeeleywhite, and kuch_on)

This week Annie and I are going to be talking about and sharing a little bit of local love. I’m sure there are some people who know everything there is to know about Raleigh, but I don’t and I love discovering new places, restaurants, shops, beautifully adorned streets, etc. I hear about these places through word of mouth on most occasions, and sometimes I have the pleasure of stumbling upon something new on my own.

A few months ago a friend shared with me an account on Instagram that she loved following. She told me that it was a photo relay account in which photographers ranging from amateur to professional photograph their days, or favorite places, throughout the Triangle. Each new day brings a new photog with new insight and experiences. They share how they got here, what they do, and why they love living in this beautiful corner of the world. That account is rdubaton.

Each day I see something I’ve never seen before through someone else’s eyes, or see places that I love going to myself. It is a great sense of community. You can also sign up to “hold the baton” and share with followers a little piece of your world. I just love that!

Do you follow rdubaton on Instagram? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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