Have a decisive week.

12217_MakeDecisionHope you all are stuffed and happy after the Thanksgiving holiday! I know I sure am. I apologize for being a day late on this post but Jason and I were driving all. day. long. yesterday after spending the holiday with my mom in New York. On the trip down, we talked about all we have to get done this week and we will be making a lot of decisions. It can be overwhelming, especially when there are two of us trying to agree and when we are spending more than $100. There are definitely strategies that can help while you’re in the decision-making process and one of my favorites is really simple and fun.

I am a huge fan of Knock Knock stuff (literally knockknockstuff.com!), especially their notepads. They have some really helpful ones and really funny ones that might only help provide some comic relief when you’re really stressed out. One of my favorites is the Make a Decision notepad. With categories for both types of decision makers, intuitive (me) and rational (Jason), it’s perfect for hashing out big decisions and coming to a conclusion we can both agree on. If you have a tough time making decisions or find that you need another opinion, this notepad will definitely help! Do you have strategies to help make big decisions? —Annie


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