10 Things We’re Thankful For This Thanksgiving

thankfulHappy Thanksgiving Week! I’m sure everyone is thinking about the many things they are thankful for this holiday season. Many of those lists include the typical: friends, family, health. But what about the little things we’re thankful for on a daily basis? The things that get us from point A to point B in our lives but are so often overlooked. We’ve each put together our list of things we are thankful for that help get us through the day-to-day…


  • Cell phone coverage. Lately, Jason and I have noticed that in a certain area of Raleigh, cell phone coverage is hard to come by. It doesn’t matter if we’re in a building, in the car, or standing outside. It’s ridiculous. We experienced the peak of our frustration after trying to pull up our baby registry a few weeks ago. I had both our phones outside under a canopy in a downpour and STILL didn’t get coverage. I’m thankful for the 98% of the time it actually works for me.
  • Free stuff (that works). So I don’t know who doesn’t like free stuff in general but free stuff that works is like finding gold. It’s also so satisfying to deal with happy people willing to give you free stuff! Especially when we’ve been dealing with incredibly grumpy people that we are paying to provide us with products.
  • Bubble baths. I’m not sure if this is mainly because we don’t have a tub at home suitable for baths so I take advantage of available tubs whenever I can but lately, the only thing that can calm me down has been a relaxing bubble bath.
  • My Chiropractor. A few weeks ago, I threw out my back and it was the worst experience I’ve had with my back ever. Before I started running and strengthening my back, I could throw it out by basically doing nothing. Of course my body is quite different now and there’s a lot of pressure on my back to balance so much weight. It took three days, some pain meds, and one massage for me to make an appointment with a chiropractor. That man was a miracle worker. The next day I had no pain. So thankful for unexpected solutions!
  • Hulu+. I think this might be the one thing that has helped me tolerate being in the kitchen cooking dinner for long periods of time. Thanks Hulu+ for helping me feed my family.


  •  Puppy cheer. There has never been any being as excited to see me as Frankie is to see me when I get home from work every day. My best moment of every day is when I get home and he is jumping up in down, tongue hanging out, running straight at me and all he wants is a big hug. Unconditional love = priceless.
  • Podcast: Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig. The commute to work is about 30 minutes and I am always on the hunt for things to fill that daily hour with. Grace provides silly humor for the drive to an fro and I couldn’t be any more grateful.
  • “My” Bed. If my house went up in flames today the first thing I would do tomorrow is repurchase my exact bed. The love I have for my bed might be puzzling for some, but we [my bed and I] spend approximately 8 hours a day together, why would we not be head over heels in love?
  • Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale. I just really like the stuff.
  • The cashier at Target that gave me 3 $10 gift cards last week. We’d probably be really great friends in real life, I feel like you really know me and my love for saving money.

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