Have a thoughtful week.


I feel like Thanksgiving is not just about being thankful for all the good in life, but perhaps about being a little more thoughtful. In theory these two ideas of thought should be practiced all year round, but using the holidays, especially Thanksgiving, is a great time to put oneself in check  by revamping your acts thankfulness and thoughtfulness. Think about it: your thoughtful ending may make for someone’s thankful beginning.

A few ways to practice thoughtfulness this week (and every week):

  1. Patience at the grocery store, or any store for that matter. That couple ahead of you that is taking a little bit longer to pay their bill? They might not have enough money in one account to pay the entirety of their bill. When they look back at you and apologize for taking so long, how about sharing a smile versus a grumble. Every smile counts.
  2. Don’t shop on Thanksgiving day. Please. From someone who spent many years in retail and worked every Black Friday, I beg you, don’t promote the idea of someone spending a day away from their family celebrations just so you can get a “good” deal on a crappy TV.
  3. On the roads. Let a few people ahead of you during rush hour traffic. Drive a little slower. Don’t drive so closely to the person ahead of you. Not only should you be mindful of the weather that can prevent you from driving safely, but everyone on the road is trying to get somewhere. You should never be in that much of a hurry that someone’s safety is at risk. That is what an ambulance is for.
  4. Tell your family and friends how much you love them and why. Self explanatory, yes, but how often do you say to someone “I love you because …”
  5. Tell your community how much you love it via acts of kindness. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, clean up a park, shop locally, support a nearby school by attending a play or musical. There are literally a million and one ways that you can support your community.

Other ideas of thoughtfulness? Thoughtfully share in the comments below. xoxo ‘n lols, crystal



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