Cary Review: La Farm Bakery

IMG_3505.JPGIf I die young not only do I want you to bury me in satin and lay me down in a bed of roses, but I want you to serve La Farm pastries at my funeral. Seriously, save your kind words for when we meet again in Heaven and just eat pastries. I’m a giver and this will be my gift to you.

Over the weekend I had my oldest (not in age) and dearest friend stop in to the City of Oaks for a visit and on Sunday I suggested brunch at La Farm in Cary. We popped in but it was so busy and packed and there weren’t any available seats so we walked away and went somewhere else. However, I wasn’t quite ready to give up and I knew there had to be a reason that it was so packed. Yesterday I made the trek back to Cary and walked out of La Farm with $20 in pastries and lunch. I fear perhaps I was born in the wrong country because as happy as I was yesterday after eating lunch, I believe I should have been born French as I could survive solely on the following: bread, pastries, cheese, wine.

La Farm Bakery was opened in 1999 by Lionel Vatinet in Cary, a City of Oaks neighbor. As a young man Lionel perfected his artistry of bread, pastries, and French baking, and thankfully for the good people of North Carolina we can enjoy the fruits of his labor on the daily. Lionel also authored A Passion for Bread: Lessons from a Master Baker.


On my voyage to La Farm Bakery I picked up a hand rolled baguette, almond croissant, and cinnamon scone. All were divine and exactly what I would expect to find in a traditional French boulangerie. Then for lunch I got Le Grande BLT – sans BLT and added avocado. The Italian bread was perfection and even the hearth baked chips were amazing. My only complaint was that there weren’t more of them, this is how we know I’m still American. I give La Farm Bakery 2 thumbs up, I’ll be back, probably later today.

 What are some of your other favorite Cary eateries? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal



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