Have a restless week.

IMG_4275EDITEDThis weekend has been all about getting stuff done around house and I couldn’t be happier. We have been waiting for this weekend to move our electric panel from its location in our soon-to-be bathroom to the hallway because we have someone who could come help. I’m not happy with its new location but unfortunately it’s really the only good place for it. AND it means that, once this is done, we have nothing stopping us from getting started on the bathroom! We are expecting a quote back on a new vanity and will be going to look at granite sometime soon. The bathroom is pretty much the last major task that has to get completed before Carter arrives and this week marks the beginning of the end as we enter the third trimester! Since I wasn’t about to play with the electric, I spent my Saturday on an impromptu kitchen deep clean. It’s almost like my nesting needs are finding anything to work on since his nursery isn’t done yet. We have progress as shown in the picture above though! Priming is done on the dresser / changing table. Now it needs a few coats of Benjamin Moore Sweet Innocence and the walls need their few coats of Sounds of Nature. As decided after my previous painting projects around the house, I’m “not allowed” to help with the painting. I’m not complaining though. There are so many things around this house that need to get done and I’m glad I have the energy to do them!

It’s hard to believe that we still have the holiday season plus another month to get through before he’s here but I’m hoping it goes slower than I expect it too. Wishful thinking? Yes, I’m sure it is but crazy, panic mode is coming on and I need time to process! It is making me super restless (along with the awful sleep I’ve been getting) though I have been embracing my ability to wake up and stay up this past week and I’m hoping that’s the start of me becoming a morning person, although you probably still shouldn’t talk to me before 10a, for your own safety. This weekend has been a similar situation but I still find it crazy to be up before 8:30 when you don’t have to be! I say, why fight it when you can use it to your advantage? Once I realized I wasn’t exhausted from my restlessness, I’m becoming OK with it. Maybe that extra hour is still working its magic on me, too.



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