DIY Pinwheel Nursery Mobile

Under the Oaks blog: DIY Pinwheel Mobile for the nurseryThe nursery is coming together! We just ordered our glider and the crib is officially in the house (albeit still in the box, but it’s here!). Jason is working this week to finish up the priming and painting of our dresser / changing table and painting the room so we can start getting things set up and ready! Today is the start of week 27, the last week of the second trimester! Which really only means that I’m about to go into panic mode over all the things that still have to be done, like registering for the hospital, washing all his clothes, and buying the rest of our necessities. Before we know it, he will be here and even though I’ve had 7-ish months to process this, it’s still surreal. Although his kicks aren’t!  Once we get his nursery set up, I’ll be sharing that with you all but, until then, I wanted to share an easy DIY for personalizing the nursery and adding a bit of whimsical, especially to our small space.

Under the Oaks blog: DIY Pinwheel Mobile for the nurseryI have been dying over what to do with the amazing scrapbook paper I keep finding on my trips to Michael’s. I am obsessed with this stuff and don’t (yet) scrapbook but can’t help myself. When I decided to DIY the mobile instead of spending an arm and leg on Etsy, I picked up two small books of two-sided scrapbook paper pads with colors similar to what his room will be.

Under the Oaks blog: DIY Pinwheel Mobile for the nurseryI cut the pages down to 4″x4″, drew diagonal lines on the interior of the pinwheel, and made hash marks 2″ from each corner. Then, with my paper cutter (scissors would be just as good), I cut from the corner to the hash mark on all 4 corners. I used double-sided tape in the middle of the X and folded the left side of each cut corner up to the center and secured them. To finish them off, I’ll take a needle and embroidery floss through each of the points and thread through to secure.

Under the Oaks blog: DIY Pinwheel Mobile for the nurseryI decided to use a metal hanging mobile my sister got me on one of our trips to NYC. I like the idea of switching out some pinwheels for photos or maybe other pinwheels for out next kid’s nursery. All-in-all, the project just took a few hours and it was ready to go. I’m really happy with the way it came out and even more happy that we now have one thing for the nursery DONE! — Annie


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