Curtains: A Living Room Facelift


Seven years ago in December my husband and I moved into our North Raleigh home and the first thing I said about the window shades in the living rooms, “Those have got to go.” Welcome to 7 years later!

The problem: they didn’t match, the cords were broken and they couldn’t be rolled up or down, and now that I’ve changed out the window dressings I now realize just how dark they made the room. Another issue, do you ever truly consider what a curtain looks like from outside of your home? After we had our house painted last year the shades we had just didn’t look right anymore from the outside of our home.


On Sunday I happily took down the old shades, installed these Roman shades, long curtain rod, and curtains from Bed Bath & Beyond. I didn’t spend a cent of my own money. I used up some coupons, got the shades on super clearance, and spent a few gift cards, and voila! The shades were super easy to install and came in a wide range of sizes. I originally found some Roman shades that I liked at Pottery Barn, but they only offered a few sizes, none of which fit our windows.

What do you think? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal



One thought on “Curtains: A Living Room Facelift

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