Have a prepared week.

prepared1This time of year (when daylight saving ends) is probably my most productive time. It feels so much later than it actually is because we “gain” that extra hour overnight. This weekend, regardless of daylight saving, I feel ahead of the game and it’s been a great, calming feeling. Instead of waiting until Sunday to do all the prep for the week ahead, I spread it out and got the laundry done on Friday, did some shopping yesterday, and got our grocery shopping out of the way after church this morning. Now the rest of my day doesn’t have to be crazy hectic trying to cram everything in and I don’t have to worry too much that I didn’t get everything done (but who really gets everything done they had to in one weekend?!).

Taking the time to add a few extra steps to your day instead of procrastinating, something I’m happily training my lazy butt to do, adds so much more value to each day. Realizing that I could get more out of my day by going a little further has given me so much time back, time to spend doing things I actually want to do instead of all the responsible things I have to do. This daylight saving also comes at the perfect time of year when you really need to feel like you have some extra time to prepare for the end of year madness! Since it’s the first week of November, take this week to start thinking about these last two months of the year. Start preparing your shopping lists, menus, travel arrangements, and that inevitable good intention to-do list of all those things you still want to get done this year. Then… get to work! Having a plan is half the battle and it always helps to have a place to start.


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