Anniversary Number Two.

imageTwo years ago today, we were spending our first day as newlyweds with family and friends, unwinding from the whirlwind of festivities that the weekend held for us. Now, on the first day of our second full year as husband and wife, we have officially closed the first chapter of our life together as ONLY husband and wife. Looking back, it seems like we’ve been together for so long, and we have. We started dating a little over 7 years ago but marriage changed everything, in the best way possible. Some days I feel like we’ve had such a short time together and know I’m going to miss it just being the two of us but I know our lives will be filled with so much more love, both as individuals and as a couple, after Carter arrives.

Our babymoon / anniversary trip to Savannah was a really special trip for us. Our conversations were filled with memories we’ve shared together, thoughts on what our new life with Carter will be like, and our normal, everyday talks of what’s on our to-do lists, work, and other various things. One thing that still amazes me is that there is still plenty we don’t know about each other and how those conversations deepen our love for each other. There’s so much to be thankful for right now.

On Thursday, I’ll be sharing a big list of tips and reviews for Savannah. We did a lot of touristy sightseeing but also decided to veg out a little and relax while we have the time. The first few days were definitely busy. We woke up early, had places to go, and things to do. We stayed in a condo on Tybee Island, only a short drive away from Savannah. It was really nice to stay at the beach and really feel like we were on vacation rather than stay in Savannah and feel like we had to be out doing something. It gave us an excuse to relax especially with the pool AND the beach right outside our door. The drawback was definitely the drive and factoring in that time in the morning but it was for the best. It was also a lot cheaper!

Goofing off after our anniversary dinner while checking out The Paula Deen Store.

Goofing off after our anniversary dinner while checking out The Paula Deen Store.

The first day we were there, Friday, we headed into Savannah for breakfast and massages. The perfect way to start our vacation. The rest of the day was spent walking around the city. Saturday included more sightseeing with an on-off trolley tour then we had reservations for our anniversary dinner. Sunday was our Tybee day. We woke up late, found a great brunch place, spent some time at the pool, watch a little football, and spent the evening exploring the island. Monday, before heading back, we drove back into Savannah to make some purchases that we saw previously but didn’t want to carry around all day. We left relaxed, renewed, and counting down the days till Carter’s arrival.

It amazes me to see how much we’ve grown in the past two years. To see some of our dreams become reality (mostly with the house) and to be here, where we are right this moment. I can’t wait to fall even more in love with this man, my husband and the father of my children. I love you more than ever, JZ. Happy anniversary!

— Annie


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