Have a babymoon week!

babymoon​It may be Fall already but I’m not quite there yet. I’m holding off buying the pumpkins for the front porch and committing to giving my sweaters a long term place on the shelf. We have one last hurrah before Fall can really begin. This week Jason and I are heading to Savannah and Tybee Island to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and one last vacation before the madness begins in February! After what was probably our least busy summer yet (travel-wise), I’m excited for this little getaway to refocus and refresh before the holidays, too.

Jason is refusing to think of this trip as our babymoon but I think the idea of a babymoon is a really special idea. It’s not just an excuse to take a vacation but it’s really the last time we will be able to spend time, just the two of us, without worrying about another human being, whether he’s with us on vacation or not. We have so much planning ahead, good times when he arrives, and plenty of sleepless nights. Why not indulge a little while we still can and refocus on our marriage and family of two before we become three. We had our honeymoon, yes, but that was the celebration of the beginning of our lives together (and the rest we needed after 12+ months of planning!). Now we celebrate a new life and take a moment to recommit to each other as partners. And taking this trip during the changing of the seasons is the perfect time.

No matter where you are in your life, take this week to celebrate the changing of the seasons. It’s the calm before the storm of holidays and it’s a great excuse to take a breath! — Annie


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