Bump Update: 20 weeks

IMG_4955EDITEDWe’re halfway! Here’s what’s been going on since the last update:

How far along 20 weeks (on Thursday)

Baby’s size A carrot! about 10 inches from head to heel.

Baby’s progress He’s got working taste buds!

Weight gain About 14 lbs.

Stretch Marks None so far! I have a few different body lotions and butters that I’ve been using religiously before bed so hopefully those are working their magic!

Sleep I’ve only had about 1 bad night since the first trimester. I’ve been sleeping like a rock! I’m sure that will change sooner than I want it to.

Gender It’s a boy!

Movement Yes, and one of the coolest things was feeling it then seeing it on the ultrasound during our last appointment. He’s wriggling like crazy!

Best moment this week Having our gender reveal. That party was so awesome.

Food Cravings Can you crave water? Does that just mean I’m thirsty? I’ve needed a ton of ice water every day. It makes me feel better in general. Other than that, I’ve been eating pretty much anything that’s put in front of me.

Food Aversions Nothing in particular.

Symptoms Morning sickness about once a week still. Week 18 was my only week without actually getting sick but that didn’t last long. I’ve had pretty awful heartburn too so we’ll see how much hair this kid comes out with! Restless legs and swelling have started to become more of an issue too but walking around helps.

Workouts None. Thinking about running again one of these days as the doctors keep telling me to! Maybe I’ll try to find some yoga somewhere also.

Looking forward to picking out paint colors for the nursery! We are still debating about the wall color and possibly the color of the dresser/changing table. We’ll see!

Baby Z Reveal (17)We had such an amazing party on Saturday with friends and family celebrating our baby boy, Carter James! And a big shout out to Jennifer with Leaping Frog Photography. Thanks so much for capturing this exciting day for us! — Annie



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