Have a blue week.

sillystingIt has been a revealing weekend! Last night at our gender reveal party, Jason and I shared via silly string that we will be welcoming a SON in February! We had a packed house (literally) with 30 of our closest friends and family and have woken up this morning with some amazing memories and the best feeling of how blessed we are. Now it’s almost crunch time!

We are only a few days from our halfway point of 20 weeks! Then it’s our baby shower (!), Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and baby! I don’t necessarily feel like this first half has flown by but I wouldn’t be mad if the second half moved at the same pace. The worry of getting everything done is starting to come up and it’s finally starting to feel more real. Luckily, I have Jason to work on a lot of stuff I physically can’t do and LOTS of friends willing to step in on the more “girly” decisions that Jason could probably care less about!  A few things on the list? Sand and paint our dresser/ changing table, agreeing on a wall color for the nursery, finishing the registry, and finding a seamstress to turn my wedding dress into a christening dress!

Hope you all have a great week ahead! — Annie



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