Have a pampered week.


Oh yes, Sunday night has arrived. Most of you are thinking, “Gah, Monday.” I, on the other hand, enjoy Sunday nights. It is my second favorite time of the week. I love Thursdays because the anticipation for Friday is so great, and Sundays are my nights to do my best to fully prepare for a new week.

I have a fairly strict routine on Sunday nights: take a hot steamy shower, exfoliate, deep condition my hair, lather on delicious body butter, manicure, pedicure, face mask, Long Island Medium, and a good book before resting up for hopefully another productive week. I don’t do these things out of vain, I do them because they make me feel good inside and best prepare me for an amazing night of sleep.

As I think about family and all my friends who currently have children, I think about how I may not get to enjoy my Sunday pamper nights in the future, how that time won’t just be my own. So this evening’s post is dedicated to all those lovely ladies who unselfishly split their Sunday pamper nights among the members of their families. If you know a lady like thisĀ see if you can do something really great for her this week. Help her out for an hour so she can get a hair cut, or sit with her screaming kids while she relaxes during a pedicure.

What is your favorite way to be pampered? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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