30 Things I Hope to Learn in My 30s


Hey y’all! I hope you had a chance to read Tuesday’s post about the 30 things I learned before turning 30 because today’s post is all about what I hope to learn IN my 30s. I’ll be honest, I don’t feel older, but I do look at 30 like a clean slate, a brand new decade. I thought about starting a brand new habit on the day I turned 30 just so I could say, “I’ve been doing this since the day I turned 30.” Am I the only one that thinks such thoughts? I’m looking forward to all the brand new lessons, and I’m sure I will learn lots of things that I just did not anticipate. Here’s my list of lessons I’d love to learn.

  1. To be a good mother. I desperately hope to learn the lessons of motherhood.
  2. Find the means to fully live my passions.
  3. Be better at having a tidied home. That or learn to care less about how others might feel about my messes.
  4. Discover toxic people quickly, so I can remove them sooner.
  5. Quality over quantity. I feel I’ve started to learn this pre-30, but I feel there is room for improvement.
  6. Live more in the moment. Dwell less on the past and future.
  7. Discover that I am “pretty” in my own way.
  8. Graciously accept [and believe in] compliments.
  9. Serve my community, and the World better.
  10. Live more frugally.
  11. Fitness is fun. I’d love to learn to turn fitness into something that isn’t just a chore.
  12. Find ways to be more spiritually connected.
  13. Drive in manual, or “stick shift”. 
  14. Have empathy in every situation. True empathy.
  15. To not jump so quickly to conclusions.
  16. Take vacations without an agenda.
  17. Think of food as fuel, instead of fun.
  18. Stop referring to myself as bossy, “mean mommy”, or b!$@# when I am taking charge of a situation.
  19. Some people just won’t like me. When this happens don’t go into full on “win ’em over” mode, it’s not worth it. Just get over it.
  20. Fully disassociate success with money. Define my own means of success apart from society’s version of success.
  21. Learn to ask for help, and accept offers. I’m not proving anything to anyone by doing things all on my own.
  22. When I tell people that I still listen to *NSync, learn to say it proud instead of sheepishly. I’m proud that I still know every word to every song, and possibly most of the dance moves.
  23. Gossip is a waste of time. Do that less.
  24. Be more mindful of life’s blessings.
  25. Stop being so hard on myself. Lower my expectations just a tad.
  26. To understand and trade stocks. I don’t know why I’m so interested, but I just find the whole concept so interesting.
  27. Understand mine [and my husband’s] retirement accounts better. Practice smarter investing.
  28. Remove the following statement from my vocabulary: I’m old. Ugh, I just dread it every time I say it because I know it is not true.
  29. Write more about what I’m thinking and feeling. Accept that not all writing needs to have a structure, or be in a pretty notebook.
  30. Accept that I cannot do it all. Just as long as I can do a few things really well, the things that are most important to me.

What do you think, will I find the means to learn all of these lessons in the next decade? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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