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Today’s “life lately” is dedicated to my late 20’s by shouting out to a few gals that are also in their late twenties. The following women are crazy talented, inspiring, funny, entertaining, and I would be pals with each and every one of them.

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In my top 10 most interesting people I would list Lena Dunham [28]; she’s brilliantly interesting, awkward, and I adore her. You know that island of cool people I’ve mentioned? I would totally invite Lena to live on my island.

Lena Dunham is the creator, writer, and star of her very own show on HBO, Girls. In my eyes Girls is Sex and the City in their early twenties. Lena also wrote, directed, and stared in the independent film Tiny Furniture, a precursor to Girls. I first watched Girls in early spring and this past week I started watching through the three seasons once more; I’m obsessed. The show features 4 friends who are in their early twenties in New York City. They have the obvious struggles: finding and keeping love, work, and their sanity all while maintaining friendships. It’s so raw and real and often times awkward. Since I have embraced the joys of being awkward in my late twenties, I really appreciate the characters of Girls. What is also amazing? Lena was in her early twenties when she started writing and directing; work it girl!

.. listening ..

Lana-Del-ReyI’ve been listening to Lana Del Ray’s Ultraviolence and Born to Die on repeat and shuffle for about two months straight. Del Ray [29] was featured heavily on the soundtrack for the Great Gatsby and since then I’ve been in love. Her voice is out of this world beautiful and diverse, music chill and relaxing, and lyrically deep. I feel like I’m hearing a story that I want to know more about. It’s sort of like when you were in school and the teacher would ask, “What do you think this story means,” and everyone had a different version; that’s how I feel when listening to Lana Del Ray. My favorites? This Is What Makes Us Girls, National Anthem, Brooklyn Baby, Old Money … okay, I’ll stop there. Girlfriend is crazy talented.

.. watching & listening ..


Anyone sick of me mentioning Grace Helbig [29 in two weeks] in posts, yet? Good, because she’s amazing! I started watching Grace on YouTube about a year and half ago, right before she moved her channel from NY to LA. Grace has her channel on YouTube where she has 1.8M viewers and growing, stared in a movie called Camp Takota, has a podcast that just started this week (Not Too Deep), and in October her first book will be released (Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be Grown Up). Girl is living the dream, but is working hard. How can you not be inspired?

What have you been up to lately? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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