Bump Update: 16 weeks


How far along 16 weeks

Baby’s size An avocado! about 4.5 inches.

Baby’s progress Facial muscles are developing so Baby is able to open and close his/ her mouth and may be giving us a few smiles.

Weight gain About 8 lbs.

Sleep I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m sleeping pretty hard. I’ll get up a few times but I’m not staying awake like I was. Maybe it’s because my worries have subsided for the most part!

Gender We find out in about 2 weeks!

Movement I think so! I’ve definitely been feeling flutters since the early weeks but I think there are some kicks in there too.

Best moment this week Going in for my check up and hearing the heartbeat again. Baby was moving a lot and I could hear that too.

Food Cravings Seafood! We were at the beach this weekend and that’s all I wanted. I had to curb it a bit toward the end but not before knocking out some crab legs!

Food Aversions Nothing in particular lately except turkey burgers still. Some days I just want something less than I want it another day.

Symptoms A lot of congestion. I’ve been a lot more tired than I thought I would be at this point, especially with sleeping so well. Morning sickness has subsided for the most part so I’ve been eating a ton more.

Workouts I have done a lot of walking in the past few weeks but no major workouts. I’m feeling alright about that.

Looking forward to Finding out if Baby is a he or she at our Gender Reveal in a few weeks!



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