Linen Closet Refresh


What is the one space in your home that is a place that you probably haven’t touched in 7 years, is the smallest, and yet the most disorganized? For me that was our linen closet. Honestly, when I cleared out the space about 50% of the items cleaned out were donated. Sheets that no longer fit any beds in our house, or that had been handed down to us and never used, towels that were really kitchen towels, or master bathroom towels, etc. Just a bunch of random stuff that at one point we probably though, “Meh, why not here?”

This is where we started, aka “The Hot Mess” –

linen_beforeIt is almost like things were trying to climb themselves out of the mess. Amazingly enough I found quite a few things in there that I had no recollection of ever having received.

What I ended up with –

linen_afterI got this great Linen Handbag Storage box that will be perfect for storing extra rolls of toilet paper on the top shelf. Down below I added a Rugby Stripe bin to store extra blankets. Then for sheets and hand towels I decided to use both the Graphite Oskar bins [because they are super cute] and the Montauk Rectangular bins [because I love a lined basket].

To finish off the project I folded the towels using a tri-fold so that they would fit on the shelves better. Now, I’m sure having matching towels would totally do justice to our linen closet, but who has all matching towels? Every post I viewed on Pinterest did, but let’s be real here.

linenclosetNote: Most of the products used from The Container Store, but this post is not sponsored by them in any way. If they’d like to pay for my next project though …

Check back on Thursday. I DIY’d some scented sachets to add to my linen closet and other spaces around the house that I can’t wait to show you! xoxo ‘n lols, crystal



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