August Book Review: Best Friends Forever

IMG_3110.JPGIn August I found myself deep in the pages of some good ‘ole chick lit; Jennifer Weiner’s Best Friends Forever. I’m not going to lie, every now and then I need to read something that plays out like a soap opera; I need to get lost in the incredible drama of someone else’s life. I also have a huge stack of books by Weiner that I purchased from a book sale that I’ve been meaning to read for awhile now [remember my trip to Sanford, yeah it has been that long].

Best Friends Forever did not disappoint. A story about two friends, Addie and Valerie are reunited after being separated for 15 years post-high school. After a high school reunion Valerie attempts payback on an old classmate who was responsible for the demise of Addie and Valerie’s friendship. After a botched attempt Valerie turns to Addie for help, Addie who is leery but still drawn to her childhood best friend. The novel takes us through the girls’ past, the turmoil they encountered, and their current lives. The ending was … interesting and very soap opera-esque; I loved it.

There were moments that I found myself thinking, “how obvious” or “are you kidding me, that would never happen”. However, when I remember why I chose to read this particular novel it was exactly what I wanted: dramatic, obvious, and filled with make-believe scenarios. All in all it was a nice story to get lost in.

Another of my favorite Weiner novels is In Her Shoes. Do you have a favorite Jennifer Weiner novel? xoxo ‘n lols, crystal


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