Celebrating 14 Weeks + 103 Years

photo 1Today is an incredibly special day for my family, both immediate and extended. As you may have noticed from the photo above, we’re pregnant! More on that below but first, not only is today a special day for just Jason and I (and our families), it’s also a special day for my entire extended family because we are celebrating what would have been my grandmother’s 103rd birthday!

photo 6Her birthday was always such a special time of year because you knew you’d see so many people you may not have seen in a while and it was a chance to regroup as family and catch up. Unfortunately, since her passing in 2012, we haven’t had a celebration with the entire extended family but maybe that can change in the next few years. Wishing you a very happy birthday Gram!!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetSo today, I am officially 14 weeks pregnant! (12 weeks was the last decent bump pic!) What an amazing, scary, exciting journey we’ve been on thus far into this, our second, pregnancy. We announced on Facebook this past weekend and have received so much love and support. We are so blessed to have people in our lives to encourage us and give us strength through our most trying times and our most joyful. The amount of love we received when we lost our first precious baby, whom we’ve named Rosalia, in January was immeasurable and we will forever be grateful to those of you who shared your story with us. We are so excited to meet our son or daughter in February and have already been so busy preparing!

Since finding out in mid-June, this baby has been through quite a bit already with me. We were on a winning spring volleyball team, ran two 5k races, and took a tumble down a few steps. Luckily, baby is doing great! We heard the heartbeat at our 12 week appointment and go back in for a tummy check in just 2 weeks! It seemed like time between the first and second appointments was an eternity (it was only 5 weeks) but when you’re a nervous wreck like I was, time just drags along. The only picture we have of our little one was from the 7 week ultrasound so it will be so incredible to see how big he or she has gotten! So far, here’s a little bump update from this past week:

How far along 13 weeks

Baby’s size A pea pod! about 3 inches.

Baby’s progress We have fingerprints! Baby’s vocal cords are also forming and so are bones!

Weight gain Around 3 lbs. Right on track!

Sleep Depending on the night, it’s been rough. I’ve been starving around 3a and can’t get back to sleep. If I do manage to fall back asleep, that usually means my morning won’t be fun.

Gender We find out in 4.5 weeks!

Best moment this week We entered our second trimester! And all seeing all the messages this week after telling everyone. It’s made it a little more real, which is both exciting and scary!

Looking forward to Planning our gender reveal party! Not sure how we will reveal it but I can’t wait!

Food Cravings This week it has pretty much been whatever sounds good to me at that exact moment. I think I’ve let myself get too comfortable with actually feeling hungry that I let it go a little too far and start feeling sick. I have been eating a lot of french fries, which I usually could care less about. Oh, and mini peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s. My sweet tooth isn’t back yet but I can’t get enough of these!

Food Aversions Turkey burgers. I guess I ate them too much before getting pregnant. And anything that looks or just sounds unappetizing.

What I miss Wearing pants. I had one pair of pants that I could still button and be comfortable in but I think I’ve gotten to fat for the fat pants this week. And I miss red wine. And hot dogs.

Symptoms Still lots of morning sickness. Monday was the worst day I’ve had so far. It’s ok some days and really bad others. Some headaches and a really stuffy nose that has been feeling more like a sinus infection than just a basic symptom.

Baby purchases this week We’ve been snagging some serious deals! First we picked up a dresser that will double as a changing table. It needs some TLC but for only $20 it was well worth it! Next I found our exact car seat with a matching stroller for only $75! The car seat/ stroller combo is around $375 new so we saved a ton. Jason asked if it had ever been used because it was in such great shape. We are missing the head cushion insert for the car seat but we can buy a replacement online for only $12. So psyched we snagged these!

Workouts Nada.

Things that suck That I can’t living in leggings. Although you better believe that I’ll be wearing them non-stop in the colder months!

Things that don’t suck I’m finally starting to look pregnant and not just fat! 🙂


Thanks again for all the support! Jason and I are so lucky to have y’all! — Annie


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